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The Forged in the Fires Academy is something that will help people in their personal, professional, and internal lives. This course is about you.  It is your chance to take time and build you.  Don't miss this opportunity to Forge your strength with the fires that burn within.  Here are some of the reasons previous people have chosen to take the Forged the Fires Academy:
  • Looking for an edge 
  • Seeking growth in your life
  • Desire to find self worth
  • Want to act daily with self confidence
  • Those who feel they have been walking down someone else's path

Meet some of our students:


             Vice President             Smith Publicity

"From the first module, it was clear that Fireman Rob wouldn’t just walk me through the basics of the course but instead would use each moment as an opportunity to further fuel my personal path toward understanding my greater purpose and the way in which is connects back to every aspects of my work and home life. My favorite part of the program was the end, where Rob emphasizes that, by completing the program, we are in no way finished with our work but instead taking the first step toward getting stronger by living through our passion. This solidified that I had gained knowledge from him that will ready me for the many moments, decisions, triumphs, and challenges that life still holds ahead." 


President/CEO Atkinson Strategic Communications

"If you are looking to become a better employee, leader or all-around person, Robert “Fireman Rob” Verhelst’s “Forged in the Fires Academy” seminar is worth every minute. Fireman Rob draws from an incredible depth of experience – military, firefighting, father, family man and world-class triathlete – to guide and advise on how to become a more thoughtful, resourceful and giving person. His messages not only translate into the business world, but areas of friendship and family. Own your own life, he advises. Show people by doing. Be willing to change. And remember, there are no excuses. Fireman Rob stitches these lessons together with powerful stories that are honest and disarming."


Emergency Communications Specialist CDC

"For anyone wanting to live to their full potential, this is the course for you. Fireman Rob connects with you through his real life experiences while helping to harness the potential you already have within yourself. His charisma and passion truly make it feel like he is in the room with you The uniqueness of the Forged in the Fires Academy is that, as you hit a particularly challenging section or exercise, you are able to pause and work through it at your own pace to get the full value of the lesson. By the time you finish the course, you will have thrown all the logs in the fire needed for you to accomplish everything your heart desires."

Change is directly related to the effort and desire to be a part of your personal change.  We have seen many different transformations from the Academy to include:

o    You will gain the power to change their journey and take control of their lives.

o    Empower you to find and use your courage to build and live your best life. 

o    Understand the components of your life and how they apply to your value and success

o    Own your unique purpose

o    Be resilient with your goals and dreams

o    Utilize my life’s catalysts to create your personal journey

o    Use a mentally strong mindset to lead

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