The Japanese word Kaizen means “change for the better” or “consistent improvement.”

Kaizen Coaching focuses on empowering both individuals and organizations to achieve long-term growth through strategic decision making, periodic habit stacking and consistently winning the day. We focus on a holistic approach to the individual and the organization, empowering both personal and business growth that aligns with a larger purpose. Lastly, Kaizen Group primarily serves as the contribution-focused part of our organization and is involved in various non-profit and for-benefit activities.


"Clearly, Isaac put significant thought on what to call his fantastic coaching company. Kaizen is a very suitable name for his efforts...that lead from his passion to help others discover their true capacity and potentials...and define and put in play the strategic ACTIONS to make those potentials...reality. His ability to understand his client and the organizational framework that they are operating in is critical to his ability to help the client help themselves...and those they serve with their efforts. Isaac has been critical to my, and Keller Williams Realty Bellevue Leadership's goal of a metamorphosis from an under performing company to becoming the fastest growing Keller Williams Market Center in the entire Northwest Region. His guidance in this effort to our entire team has been one of the main keys to our resulting achievements and are greatly appreciated."

Troy Thiel
Broker - Windermere

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